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A very fine line —Johnston, Julie.

Rosalind Kemp has second sight which she feels is a curse that makes her feel like a freak. She tries everything she can to suppress the gift but nothing works. If she is going to live her life fully, she will have to co...

A sinister sense —Kingsley, Allison.
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Visions of the future and tuning in to other people's thoughts come naturally to Clara Quinn thanks to her inherited Quinn Sense. Unfortunately, it offers no insight into her love life - or lack thereof - especially wher...

Demon's bride —Archer, Zoë.

"Leo Bailey may have been born to poverty, but ruthless business sense and sparkling intelligence have made money worries a thing of his past. It doesn't hurt that the Devil himself has granted Leo the ability to read th...

The rift —Craw, Rachael, author.

"When the Rift opens, death follows. For generations, the Rangers of Black Water Island have guarded the Old Herd against horrors released by the Rift. Cal West, an apprentice Ranger with a rare scar and even rarer gifts...

Miss Violet and the Great War —Hieber, Leanna Renee, author.

"Miss Violet and the Great War begins in Victorian times and sweeps readers forward to the incredible tragedy of the First World War, when millions died in the trenches and on the battlefields. Violet Rychman has been gi...

The Witnesses —Whitlow, Robert, 1954- author.

Young lawyer Parker House is on the rise -- until his grandfather's mysterious past puts both of their lives in danger. Parker House's secret inheritance is either his greatest blessing . . or his deadliest curse. The fr...

Trance —Gerber, Linda C.

Ashlyn was unable to use her visions of the future to save her mother's life, but as she begins to understand and control them somewhat, she realizes that love interest Jake is the subject of her most recent trances.

The world Jones made —Dick, Philip K.

"Precognition; a world ruled by Relativism; giant alien jellyfish. The World Jones Made is a classic Philip K. Dick mash-up, taking deep philosophical musings and infusing them with wild action. Floyd Jones has always be...

Insatiable —Cabot, Meg, 1967-
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Manhattan soap-opera writer Meena Harper, who can foresee people's deaths, is dismayed by the cliché when a vampire character is added to her show. But that becomes the least of her worries once real-life vampire hunter...

Death from a top hat a Merlini mystery —Rawson, Clayton, 1906-1971.

When a necromancer is murdered, a magician takes the case Freelance scribe Ross Harte is working on an essay about the sad state of the modern mystery novel when a scream comes from the hallway: “There is death in ...

Blink of an Eye —Dekker, Ted, 1962- author.

The future changes in the blink of an eye ... or does it? Miriam is a Saudi princess promised to another, a pawn in a political struggle that could shift the balance of power in the Middle East. Seth is a certified geniu...

Running with the Demon —Brooks, Terry.
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On the hottest Fourth of July weekend in decades, two men have come to Hopewell, Illinois, site of a lengthy, bitter steel strike. One is a demon, dark servant of the Void, who will use the anger and frustration of the c...

Insatiable —Cabot, Meg.

When it comes to devouring her delightfully outrageous, phenomenally fun fiction, Meg Cabot’s fans are Insatiable! And now the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Princess Diaries —not to mention a host of wonder...

Blink of an eye [love changes everything] —Dekker, Ted, 1962-

A Saudi Arabian princess flees a painful forced marriage for the promise of America, and teams up with graduate student Seth, who possesses the ability to see multiple possible futures, in a dangerous struggle for power....

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