16488 Results
16488 Results
The clue of the broken locket. —Keene, Carolyn.
25 available of 28 items

The secret of Pirates' Hill. —Dixon, Franklin W.
12 available of 15 items

Hired to locate an old Spanish cannon, the Hardy brothers uncover an even greater treasure after perilous underwater adventures.

The secret panel. —Dixon, Franklin W.
15 available of 16 items

A chance meeting with a stranger on the road provides the Hardy brothers with a clue to a gang of local burglars.

Richard Scarry's The great pie robbery and other mysteries. —Scarry, Richard.
6 available of 9 items

Ace detectives Sam Cat and Dudley Pig take on three mysteries involving stolen pies, food theft in a supermarket, and a stolen necklace on a cruise ship.

The message in the hollow oak —Keene, Carolyn.
21 available of 24 items

Nancy Drew tackles a mystery professional detectives failed to solve--finding a valuable centuries-old message in a hollow oak tree in Illinois.

Nate the Great and the big sniff —Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.
30 available of 36 items

Nate always depends on his dog Sludge to help him solve all his cases, but Sludge is missing and Nate must rely on his own skills to find him.

The clue of the tapping heels —Keene, Carolyn.
21 available of 24 items

Nancy Drew and her friends solve a mystery of the strange tapping sounds in the house of a retired actress involving an invalid, cats, and tap dancing.

Nate the Great and the snowy trail —Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman.
7 available of 17 items

When Rosamond's birthday gift for Nate disappears from her sled, the boy detective decides to unravel the mystery.

Two of the deadliest new tales of lust, greed, and murder from outstanding women of mystery
Large Print
4 available of 6 items

In "Two of the Deadliest", Elizabeth George has gathered nearly two dozen tales that probe the dark heart of crime in the name of a pair of particularly wicked transgressions, lust and greed. Includes Laura Lippman, Susa...

The clue of the broken blade —Dixon, Franklin W.
16 available of 16 items

While searching for the guard end of a broken saber that will solve one mystery, the Hardy brothers become involved with a gang of bank robbers.

A figure in hiding —Dixon, Franklin W.
15 available of 19 items

The sinister signpost —Dixon, Franklin W.
19 available of 20 items

The masked monkey. —Dixon, Franklin W.
15 available of 17 items

The Hardy brothers' search for the missing son of a wealthy industrialist leads them to Brazil and great danger.

The clue of the hissing serpent. —Dixon, Franklin W.
18 available of 20 items

Their efforts to recover a stolen ancient chess piece lead the Hardy brothers to Hong Kong where they help smash an international criminal organization.

Cam Jansen and the first day of school mystery —Adler, David A.
21 available of 22 items

On her first day of fifth grade, Cam Jansen uses her photographic memory to help the police find a car thief. Includes a memory game.

The sting of the scorpion —Dixon, Franklin W.
11 available of 13 items

During their father's investigation of a ruthless gang of terrorists, two young detectives face several adversaries.

The mysterious caravan —Dixon, Franklin W.
15 available of 18 items

On a winter vacation in Jamaica the Hardy boys begin a dangerous adventure when an ancient bronze death mask is discovered near their beach house.

The glass coffin : a Joanne Kilbourn mystery —Bowen, Gail, 1942-
50 available of 53 items

A friend's impending wedding to a filmmaker whose first two wives committed suicide fills Joanne Kilbourn with dread. And her instincts prove accurate; blood will flow!.

The yellow feather mystery —Dixon, Franklin W.
15 available of 17 items

In trying to trace a missing will, detectives Frank and Joe Hardy trap a dangerous criminal who is willing to risk all--including murder--for money.

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