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Justice League Unlimited. Time after time
Graphic Novel
Availability: 10 of 14

"The Justice League has the best-of-the-best heroes trained for the top of their game--together they can tackle an evil that comes into their world. In this thrilling collection, our heroes jet off into the future where ...

Secret hero society. 04, Science fair crisis —Fridolfs, Derek, author.

Clark Kent here, back and ready for action! This year I'm starting a new school year at Justice Prep with my friends Bruce and Diana. I like it here--all my friends are here, and there are some really cool new teachers. ...

Secret Hero Society. 03 : Detention of doom —Fridolfs, Derek, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 12 of 14

"When Lex Luthor's family company, Lexcorp, invites kids from all over the country to attend an honors ceremony, Clark Kent is happy to participate. That is, until his award trophy creates a portal to another dimension a...

Dark nights, death metal. The multiverse who laughs —Snyder, Scott, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 3 of 8

As Earth has been taken over by the Dark Multiverse, the Justice League fight to survive! This collection cranks up the volume with stories that further expand the twisted world of Dark Nights: Death Metal! As the Justic...

DC holiday nightmares
Graphic Novel
Availability: 4 of 5

"Join the World's Greatest Super Heroes and the world's most notorious super-villains in celebrating the holidays in this new special! All your favorite DC heroes and villians are back again celebrating this most magical...

Tales from the DC dark multiverse II
Graphic Novel
Availability: 0 of 3

"The twisted timelines that showed the Dark Multiverse and all the devastating danger that it contains are collected in Tales from the dark multiverse II. What dark realities exist within the realms of the Dark Multivers...

Last laugh! —King, Trey.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 11 of 11

"Batman may be the world's greatest detective, but even he needs help sometimes-especially when the Joker teams up the Lex Luthor! Can Superman and friends help Batman before it's too late?"--cover

Justice League. Volume 1, The extinction machines —Hitch, Bryan, author, illustrator.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 5 of 7

Spinning directly out of the events of DC Universe: Rebirth, a new day dawns for the Justice League as they welcome a slew of new members into their ranks. The question remains though, can the world's greatest superheroe...

DCeased dead planet —Taylor, Tom, 1978- author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 3 of 5

"Five years after the end of the world ... anti-life goes on in this sequel to the smash-hit series DCeased. The survivors of the infected apocalypse that ravaged Earth in the pages of DCeased have found a haven on a sec...

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