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Pretty little liars —Shepard, Sara, 1977-

When one of their tightly-knit group mysteriously disappears, four high school girls find their friendship difficult to maintain when they begin receiving taunting messages from someone who seems to know everything about...

Flawless : a pretty little liars novel —Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.

After their friend who has been missing for more than three years turns up dead, four former best friends continue to receive frightening messages from someone who knows damaging secrets about them.

Killer : a pretty little liars novel —Shepard, Sara, 1977-

Former best friends Emily, Aria, Hanna, and Spencer continue to live in fear as they struggle to keep hidden even more secrets and someone new begins stalking them via their cell phones.

Perfect : a pretty little liars novel —Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.

After their missing friend's body is found and another of their friends commits suicide, four former best friends live in fear of their secrets being exposed by someone who is stalking them via their cell phones.

Heartless : a pretty little liars novel —Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.

After high school juniors Spencer, Emily, Hanna, and Aria think they have seen Ali, their missing and presumed dead friend, they pursue clues from a mysterious stalker, trying to find out if she is still alive.

Wicked : a pretty little liars novel —Shepard, Sara, 1977-

The stalker's identity has finally been revealed, but Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria are bound to repeat the past, and continue to be bad.

Pretty little liars. The complete 3rd season

As the third season begins, a summer has passed since Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer found out about Mona being 'A' and the death of Maya. With the terror seemingly over and an alleged murderer now behind bars, the town ...

Unbelievable : a pretty little liars novel —Shepard, Sara, 1977-

Four girls living in a wealthy suburb discover the identity of a stalker who has been sending them shocking text messages, and uncover the mystery of who killed their childhood friend.

Deadly —Shepard, Sara, 1977-

Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer find their lives unraveling when A's plans change and the girls are taken to the police for questioning.

Vicious —Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.

On trial for murdering an actually still-alive Alison DiLaurentis, only Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna know they have been framed and resolve to beat Ali at her own game.

The heiresses : a novel —Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.
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Poppy, Aster, Corrine, Natasha, and Rowan are the heiresses of the Saybrook's jewellery empire, a family business that is known for both its wealth, and a very old curse that leads to family members dying suddenly. When ...

Wanted : a pretty little liars novel —Shepard, Sara, 1977-

Former best friends Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily, who lost their best friend and leader, Alison, years ago when she disappeared, find themselves in grave danger when they pursue the truth about Alison.

The lying game —Shepard, Sara, 1977-

Seventeen-year-old Emma Paxton steps into the life of her long-lost twin Sutton to solve her murder, while Sutton looks on from her afterlife.

Stunning : a pretty little liars novel —Shepard, Sara, 1977-

Struggling to return to normalcy after surviving Alison's attempt to kill them, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna endure a series of disasters before realizing that they are being stalked by a new "A" who knows all of their...

Pretty little secrets : a pretty little liars collection —Shepard, Sara, 1977-

Rule number one of being an effective stalker: get to know your prey, the trouble they get into, the messes they make, and the secrets they keep. Hanna's desperate for a very personal session with her gym trainer. Emily ...

Toxic —Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.

It's finally summer in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, which means afternoons at the pool, high school graduation -- and the end of the scandal that has rocked the town for years. Or so everyone thinks. It's been weeks since pol...

Safe in my arms : a novel —Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.

"New York Times bestselling Pretty Little Liars Series. When the principal of an elite California preschool is attacked, three moms--who feel like outsiders among the school's manicured and ultra-wealthy community--must ...

Reputation : a novel —Shepard, Sara, 1977- author.

"Aldrich University is rocked to its core with scandal and intrigue when a hacker dumps 40,000 people's emails--the entire faculty, staff, students, alums--onto an easily searchable database. Affairs and scandals immedia...

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