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Children's first planet earth encyclopedia —Martin, Claudia, author.

From the oceans and icebergs to hurricanes and volcanoes, this extraordinary visual encyclopedia brings together cutting-edge knowledge and eye-opening images of our wondrous planet. Specially designed for the youngest o...

The ultimate book of dinosaurs —Martin, Claudia, author.

Young readers can come face-to-face with the most fearsome creatures to ever walk the earth, from Apatosaurus to Zuniceratops. Discover the lifestyles of real, living and breathing dinosaurs - their pack behaviors and hu...

The ultimate book of space —Martin, Claudia, author.

From the marvels of the solar system, to the origins of Earth, and the mysteries of dark matter: discover all these and so much more, in this definitive children's guide to space.

Children's world atlas —Martin, Claudia, author.

"From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, children can explore all corners of the world through perfectly rendered, clearly annotated maps. They can learn about natural habitats and busy cities; ancient traditions and modern lifest...

Rocks, fossils, minerals, and gems —Martin, Claudia, author.

"Learn about how fossils form, where different rocks are found, and how minerals are used in everyday life"-- Back cover.

School warrior : going green —Martin, Claudia, author.

"Trees are chopped down to supply classrooms with paper, disposable pens pile high in landfills, and pollution from transporting ingredients for school lunches hangs in our air. What a waste! But there's a way to help. B...

Computers —Martin, Claudia, author.

Provides a look at how computers are designed, how engineers program them and how all the data in computers is held.

My little book of rocks, minerals, and gems —Martin, Claudia, author.

For those with curious minds starting to take note of the world around them, the basic materials from which our planet is made raise a multitude of questions. What are rocks and minerals? Why are there so many different ...

Fossils —Martin, Claudia, author.

Describes how fossils form, where they are found, and what we can learn from them.

Rocks —Martin, Claudia, author.

Describes how different rocks form, where they are found, and what unusual properties they have.

Midsomer murders. Set 22

The cozy villages of Midsomer County reveal their most sinister secrets in these contemporary British television mysteries. The sleeper under the hill: Barnaby and Jones investigate the murder of Midsomer Mow farmer Alex...

Minerals —Martin, Claudia, author.

Describes how different minerals form, where they are found, and how they are used in everyday life.

Make it out alive on a mountain —Martin, Claudia, active 2009, author.

The stakes are as high as the altitude in deadly mountain environments. Readers of this innovative book will push themselves to the peak of their critical thinking skills, creativity, and STEM abilities. Makerspace activ...

The complete crystal sourcebook : a practical guide to crystal properties & healing techniques —Newcombe, Rachel, author.

"Features a crystal directory, organised by colour, covers the properties of over 200 stones, as well as their common and historical uses. Crystal healing is a time-honoured mindfulness technique, harnessing the power of...

Gems —Martin, Claudia, author.

Describes how different gemstones form, where they are found, and what unusual properties some of these precious stones hold.

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