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Klawde : Evil Alien Warlord Cat —Marciano, Johnny, author.

Klawde, the exiled ruler of the planet Lyttyrboks, and Raj, who just moved from Brooklyn to tiny Elba, Oregon, forge an unlikely friendship as they find their footing in a strange new world.

Target: Earth —Marciano, Johnny, author.

Klawde is not your average cat. He is an exiled emperor from across the universe with a hunger for battle and a thirst for revenge. He's cruel. He's cunning. He's brilliant. And he's Raj's best friend. With Klawde now st...

The spacedog cometh —Marciano, Johnny, author.

"In book three of this hysterical series, Klawde faces a challenger he never imagined: a dog, who has arrived on Earth to settle the intergalactic score. He's hyper, he's loyal, he's an all-around good boy, and he's here...

Revenge of the Kitten Queen —Marciano, Johnny, author.

While his evil pet cat Klawde, an exiled emperor from across the universe, faces a treasonous plot to overthrow him, Raj has to survive an even more perilous group: the students and parents of the Elba Middle School news...

Emperor of the Universe —Marciano, Johnny, author.

"Following a humiliating, defeated effort to conquer Earth, Klawde has had it with this dismal planet. And anyway, what's the point in conquering such an insignificant corner of the galaxy, when there's an entire univers...

Enemies —Marciano, Johnny, author.

Warlord cat Klawde continues to suffer in exile as Raj faces starting a new school, but a further complication arises when both are unexpectedly confronted by figures from their pasts.