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5 Results
The power of Poppy Pendle —Lowe, Natasha.
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Ten-year-old Poppy will do anything to realize her dream of becoming a baker, although her parents insist she attend Ruthersfield, the exclusive girls school for witchcraft, where she excels despite her dislike of magic....

The courage of Cat Campbell —Lowe, Natasha.
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Although her mother, Poppy Pendle, believes magic ruins lives, eleven-year-old Cat Campbell is a late-blooming witch whose magical abilities are bursting to be mastered.

The marvelous magic of Miss Mabel —Lowe, Natasha, author.
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"When young Mabel Ratcliff goes to study magic at Ruthersfield Academy, she discovers not only that being a proper witch is harder than she thought, but also that she is adopted"-- Provided by publisher.

Hallmark entertainment collector's set
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The colt: A newborn colt joins the first Michigan Cavalry's march into war as both an omen of good fortune and a reminder that some creatures are blessedly innocent to the careless ways of man.

The daring of Della Dupree —Lowe, Natasha, author.
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Della Dupree feels she is nothing like her namesake, the founder of prestigious Ruthersfield Academy, but one day she finds herself alone in the year 1223 with nothing but her witchcraft to save her. Includes recipes and...