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Warriors. SkyClan & the stranger —Jolley, Dan, author.
Graphic Novel
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"Newleaf is coming, and Leafstar is proud to see SkyClan thriving under her leadership. But when the arrival of a mysterious stranger throws SkyClan into turmoil, Leafstar must figure out what is best for her Clan-once a...

Squirrelflight's hope —Hunter, Erin, author.

Though the Clans are settled into equally divided territories, tensions are rising over the new borders, and when a group of rogue cats move in just beyond Clan boundaries, Squirrelflight is caught between her conscience...

Graystripe's vow —Hunter, Erin, author.

"During a time of great turmoil and amid silence from StarClan, respected ThunderClan warrior Graystripe must break a promise from his past and leave his Clan behind for a quest to heal his past and uncover his future"--...

Warriors, Ravenpaw's path. 1, Shattered peace —Hunter, Erin, creator.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 22 of 23

Ravenpaw, having left the warrior Clans and enjoying his new life on a peaceful farm, teams up with his new friend, Barley, to protect his life when five rogue cats from Twolegplace arrive.

Warriors : Ravenpaw's path —Hunter, Erin, author.

"This epic volume includes all three books in the Ravenpaw's Path manga trilogy: Shattered Peace, A Clan in Need, and The Heart of a Warrior. Set after the events of the first Warriors series, The Prophecies Begin, this ...

Tigerheart's shadow —Hunter, Erin, author.

After the medicine cat has a dark vision during an already dark and uncertain period for ShadowClan, Tigerheart considers leaving the clan for good in order to save it.

Warriors. Winds of change —Jolley, Dan, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 4 of 10

After a treacherous journey, the warrior Clans have begun to settle into their new homes around the lake. But while some cats see their new beginning as a chance to build a lasting peace, WindClan's deputy Mudclaw believ...

The emerald tablet —Jolley, Dan, author.

Finding an old map, Gabe and his friends follow clues to a secret chamber beneath San Francisco, where they perform what they think is a friendship ritual before strange events reveal a sinister cult from a parallel real...

Doctor Strange. The flight of bones —Jolley, Dan, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 2 of 2

Doctor Strange turns Marvel Knight and plays supernatural detective when a series of bizarre robberies and a spate of spontaneous combustions set him on the trail of an old enemy. Magic meets noir in an atmospheric Stran...

Mega-Dogs of New Kansas —Jolley, Dan, author.
Graphic Novel
Availability: 3 of 3

The story of a girl and her dog-in space. Sienna Barlow loves nothing more than riding around New Kansas on top of her mega-dog, Gus. He's one of the massive pooches protecting the human settlers of a strange planet. In ...

The shadow city —Jolley, Dan, author.

The second book in an epic middle grade series full of awesome elemental powers, nightmarish creatures, and nonstop adventure that will thrill kids who love Avatar: The Last Airbender, Rick Riordan, and Brandon Mull.Five...