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Chemistry for curious kids : an illustrated introduction to atoms, elements, chemical reactions, and more! —Huggins-Cooper, Lynn, author.

This inspirational book is packed with clear and engaging explanations of chemistry and its scientific principles. Supporting STEM learning, this book is an ideal supplement to school education as it covers many core top...

Billions, trillions, quadrillions : making sense of really big numbers! —Huggins-Cooper, Lynn, author.

"Billions, Trillions, Quadrillions helps readers understand large numbers by relating them to everyday situations. It's hard to imagine what a crowd of one billion people would look like but if one billion children stood...

How to invent —Huggins-Cooper, Lynn, author.

Provides step-by-step information on how to create an invention, produce it, and market it.

Math for curious kids : an illustrated introduction to numbers, geometry, computing, and more! —Huggins-Cooper, Lynn, author.

This STEM book includes clear, colorful, and engaging explanations of the world of maths including number theory, times tables, and geometry. Kids will discover a new way of looking at the world with this wide-ranging ce...

Spinning and Weaving —Huggins-Cooper, Lynn, author.

"A look at the extensive history of the folkcraft, its presence in the modern world, and resources to help beginners enter the world of textile artistry. This book offers a whistle-stop guide to the history of spinning a...