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Sandcastle Beach —Holiday, Jenny (Romance author), author.

Maya Mehta will do anything to save her tiny, beloved community theater. Put on musicals she hates? Check. Hire an arrogant former-pop-star-turned-actor? Done. But what Maya really needs to save her theater is Matchmaker...

Duke, actually : a novel —Holiday, Jenny (Romance author), author.

Under pressure by his family to marry, a playboy baron becomes determined to befriend a no-nonsense, but single professor he met at a wedding, for friendship and distraction.

A princess for Christmas : a novel —Holiday, Jenny (Romance author), author.

Working as an apartment superintendent to support his little sister, a Bronx cab driver accepts a holiday-season job from a princess from a small Alpine country who is desperate to protect her people.

It takes two —Holiday, Jenny (Romance author), author.

what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. Wendy Liu should be delighted to be her best friend's maid of honor. But after years spent avoiding the bride's brother - aka the boy who once broke her heart - she's n...

Mermaid Inn —Holiday, Jenny (Romance author), author.

aEve Abbott has a problem--actually, make that a lot of problems. And they're all going to get worse the moment her toes hit the sand in Matchmaker Bay. Once a blissful summer escape, now the tiny town just reminds Eve o...

Three little words —Holiday, Jenny (Romance author), author.

After getting stranded with her best friend's wedding dress, Gia Gallo shares a car with best man Bennet Buchanan for a long road trip to the wedding in Florida, during which they have difficulty resisting their mutual p...

One and only —Holiday, Jenny (Romance author), author.

"With her bridezilla friend on a DIY project rampage, bridesmaid Jane Denning will do anything to escape - even if it means babysitting the groom's troublemaker brother before the wedding. It should be a piece of cake, e...

A princess for Christmas : a novel —Holiday, Jenny (Romance author), author.
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"Leo Ricci's already handling all he can, between taking care of his little sister Gabby, driving a cab, and being the super of his apartment building in the Bronx. But when Gabby spots a 'princess' in a gown outside of ...