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Happy paws —Fang, Vicky, author.

While Layla and her three Bots (Beep, Boop, and Bop) are setting up for their rock band's performance, she gets some bad news, Happy Days Amusement Park is closing; Layla thinks she has the perfect solution: turn the pla...

Built for speed —Fang, Vicky, author.

Layla and the Bots are eager for Blossom Valley's upcoming go-kart race, but one racer, Tina, needs their help to build a cart with hand-controls and other special features.

Friendbots, Blink and Block make a wish —Fang, Vicky, author.

"Let the search begin! When Blink and Block hunt for buried treasure they just might find something even better."

Chocolate fix —Fang, Vicky, author.

Blossom Valley is opening a brand-new community center, and Layla and her Bots are playing at the opening, but the mayor is worried because not many people have signed up to come to the party; so Layla and her bots decid...

Invent-a-pet —Fang, Vicky, author.

"Katie is an ordinary girl who longs for an extraordinary pet--something more spectacular than a simple goldfish. Then one day Katie comes home to find a gift from her mother: a mysterious machine designed to help her cr...