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Una huna : what is this? —Aglukark, Susan, 1967- author.

Ukpik loves living in her camp in the North with her family. When a captain from the south arrives to trade with Ukpik's father, Ukpik is excited to learn how to use the forks, knives, and spoons he brings with him. At f...

Putuguq & Kublu and the Qalupalik! —Akulukjuk, Roselynn, author.
Graphic Novel
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"What creatures lurk beneath the sea ice? Putuguq and Kublu-two siblings who can't seem to get along-are about to find out! On their way to the shoreline, Putuguq and Kublu run into their grandfather, who has a stern war...

Jonathan and the giant eagle —Christopher, Danny, 1975- author, illustrator.

Jonathan's parents have decided to let Jonathan choose a pet.They are not prepared for his choice - a giant eagle. Jonathan recounts his new experiences with this unique and astonishing pet. A mythical giant eagle doesn'...

The legend of the fog —Mikkigak, Qaunak, 1932- author.

"In the spring, the Arctic tundra is bursting with life. Plants and animals have endured a long, bitter winter, waiting for their chance to peek out through the deep snow. But there are also dangers lurking on the tundra...

Uliaq's amazing animals : caribou —Christopher, Danny, 1975- author.

Uliaq loves animals! One of his favourite animals is the caribou. In this book, Uliaq gives facts about caribou, including where they live, what they eat, and why they are amazing!

A children's guide to Arctic butterflies —Pelletier, Mia, author.

"There are 20,000 species of butterflies in the world, but only several dozen are found on tundra of the North American Arctic. Many Arctic animals have warm, woolly coats, downy feathers, or thick layers of blubber, and...