Lola's Super Club. Volume 1, My dad is a super secret agent

Graphic Novel
Published 2020
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"Lola is a girl like any other, except for one tiny detail: her father, Robert Darkhair, is James Blond, a top-secret agent so secretive, that not even he knows what he does, or at least that is what Blond wants us to believe. When the villains of Friendly Falls kidnap Lola's parents, she becomes Super-Lola. Accompanied by her toy dinosaur Super-James (in undies) who can grow to the size of an actual dinosaur (thus stretching the undies), their cat Hot Dog, a pencil, an eraser, and an infallible duckie pool toy, she is off to the rescue. Ah, imagination. It is our most powerful weapon!"--Back cover.

110 pages : chiefly colour illustrations ; 23 cm
Other Title:
Lola's Super Club. 1, My dad is a super secret agent
Lola's Super Club. My dad is a super secret agent
My dad is a super secret agent
Includes excerpts from Super Sisters and Geronimo Stilton.
Publisher, pagination and printing dates may vary.
In English, translated from the French.
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